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Joint Venture Agreements & Investments

The lawyers of Goldfarb & Fleece LLP help clients pursue real estate investments through joint ventures, limited partnerships, tenants-in-common agreements, and other entities and investment structures that increase resources and foster business growth. Our law firm supports clients engaged in such opportunities by forming partnership or joint venture entities, drafting and structuring investment and acquisition agreements, and handling all details of the purchase of operating assets and investment property.

Our attorneys are experienced in reviewing and negotiating joint venture agreements to protect the interests of our clients, who include real estate developers, entrepreneurs and investors. We ensure that the goals of the joint venture are clearly stated, the roles of the participants are appropriately outlined, the management of the venture is adequately described, and the distribution of profit and loss is properly allocated.

When handling a joint venture matter for a client, our firm ensures that the terms of the agreement match the client's goals and level of comfort with risk. We have handled joint venture sale and acquisition transactions involving some of New York City's highest-valued properties, as well as real estate throughout the United States.

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