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Office Leasing/Tenant Representation

The real estate law firm of Goldfarb & Fleece LLP represents sophisticated tenants in their lease negotiations for office space throughout the country. Our clients include international, national, regional and New York City companies having leases ranging in size and scope from international headquarters to smaller regional offices in both urban office towers and suburban office parks. We represent many clients on a portfolio-wide basis, allowing us to assist them in establishing standard leasing practices and procedures. Our extensive office leasing experience enables us to ensure that today's highly detailed office leases address the particular needs of our tenant clients.

Our representation often begins at the initial negotiation of a letter of intent where we assist our clients in addressing their critical business concerns at the outset of a proposed transaction. Many of our clients' concerns involve construction and facility issues that require the practical knowledge obtained by our attorneys through their prior representation of office building owners and other tenant transactions.

It is this type of vast legal and practical experience, representing both landlords and tenants, that enables the lawyers of Goldfarb & Fleece to focus on these complex lease details and craft the solutions necessary for our tenant clients to obtain favorable leases that meet their business objectives.

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