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Real Estate Development

The attorneys of Goldfarb & Fleece LLP have represented clients in all types of commercial, retail and residential development projects, including major office buildings, shopping centers and retail facilities, large-scale apartment buildings and planned residential communities. We advise clients in all aspects of the development process, including site assemblage, acquisition, construction and permanent financing, equity arrangements, leasing, offering plans, reciprocal easement and development agreements, and construction and design contracts.

Through this representation, the attorneys at Goldfarb & Fleece have obtained extensive experience preparing and negotiating the wide array of documents required to take a project from dirt to a residential community, retail center or office building, as the case may be. Our involvement in projects is typically as an active member of the client's team, which permits us to keep track of all the moving pieces and interlocking facets of complex development projects. We have learned from experience that it is not enough to negotiate a good joint venture deal or favorable terms in a loan agreement. The obligations of all the parties - developer, investor, lender, contractor and sales or leasing agent - must dovetail so that each party's responsibilities are clearly set forth in the documentation, and, most importantly, there are no surprises for the client.

Because we have an extraordinarily low turnover of attorneys at Goldfarb & Fleece, you can be confident that whether your project takes three, five or seven years to complete, the same attorneys (and their historical knowledge) will be with you from start to finish.

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